Six Important Reasons to Care about Data Quality

Last updated: 07-17-2018

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Six Important Reasons to Care about Data Quality

Early in my teens, I created a direct marketing campaign. Of course, I didn’t realize that’s what I was doing. After attending a babysitting class, I created a flyer with my mom’s help, touting my newly developed skills. We pulled a list of names and addresses of families with young children from our church directory and then mailed my flyer to them. Things were much simpler then – no email, internet, mobile phones, smart devices, or social media. A mailing was the way to go for my budget, and it worked! I got babysitting jobs at the whopping rate of 50 cents an hour! (Yes, times have changed.)

Today, we all realize that marketing is much more complex than in those days. And marketers need to reach their customers and prospects across many channels. But the concept is still the same. Find an audience and talk to them about something that solves their problem using channels that create success.

In today’s complex and ever-changing marketing world, one thing hasn’t changed. The quality of the contact data is still critical. Marketers sometime question the need for data quality and data hygiene processes when they are using digital channels rather than direct mail. Some may think it’s not important to have standardized and up-to-date information, and they may not realize that current, accurate postal addresses are still important, even when not using direct mail.

There are many reasons marketers should care about the cleanliness and accuracy of their data, and, yes, that includes their postal addresses. Here are six important reasons to care about data quality:

Marketers must remain vigilant in ensuring the quality of their data by implementing regular data hygiene processes that standardize, validate, and update contact elements such as names, postal addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers. With quality data, marketers can reach out to customers and prospects with current, relevant messages using appropriate channels for marketing success. Even though channels are many and more complex, caring for the quality of data is a requirement for the most effective marketing. And that’s as true today as it was many years ago when I was a teenager looking for babysitting jobs!

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