4 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Nonprofit Trade Show

Last updated: 07-29-2018

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4 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Nonprofit Trade Show

Grow your organization and capitalize on the donors present at a nonprofit trade show. To accomplish this, you must stand out from the competition and entice attendees with clear visuals and messaging to stop at your booth. Getting them there is only half the battle: in order to see your donations increase, you must build relationships with attendees and impress with your marketing.

Make the most out of trade show events by following these guidelines for nonprofits:

Your booth design and use of space will make or break your trade show performance. Executing a professional and clean design that communicates your mission without overwhelming is your top priority. Invest in highly visual fixtures like a deluxe dye-sublimatedtable coverto help you brand from every angle of your booth.Retractable bannersare easy to transport and provide additional visibility.

If you know your nonprofit trade show booth is underperforming, enter the HALO Branded SolutionsTrade Show Booth Makeover Contest. Winners will receive targeted, innovative solutions providing a leg up at your next trade show. The prize is valued at $5,000! We are choosing winners in different categories, so you only have to compete with fellow nonprofits.

Invest in Tradeshow Giveaways Promotional products are a powerful tool for nonprofit organizations because the products are linked to a worthy cause. Though the nonprofit sector is within the top 10 industries that invest in promotional products, according to a 2017 study by thePromotional Products Association International, the impact of a nonprofit promo item is believed to be much higher than that of a corporation.According to theCone Cause Evolution Study,41% of Americans are more likely to buy or use a product if it is connected to a charitable cause. This number is up nearly double from where it was ten years before the study, implying that nonprofits can leverage promotional products whileexpecting more impressions and potential leads from items like promotionalt-shirts, pens, tote bags, andthermoses.

Reserving a space and preparing a show-stopping booth will certainly get you noticed, but do some legwork before the show to reach out to previous and potential donors. Targeted emails, social media ads, and word-of-mouth can lead to a much better turnout than if you rely on the buzz of the trade show alone. Nonprofit advertising is often affordable, so take a multi-channel approach to ensure donors know you’ll be attending.

With a single booth at a nonprofit trade show, interfacing with multiple prospective donors simultaneously can prove challenging. Consider incorporating multiple kiosks within your booth space so representatives can meet with attendees one-on-one when foot traffic is heavy. You can even cover different aspects of your mission and provide uniquepromosat each kiosk to incentivize attendees to stop by each station.

At a nonprofit trade show, first impressions are everything. Enter theTrade Show Booth Makeover Contestto put your best foot forward and help your nonprofit organization continue to grow.

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