Shirt Lab Unveils Event Series

Last updated: 07-31-2018

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Shirt Lab Unveils Event Series

DUBUQUE, Iowa—Shirt Lab announces the launch of a nationwide sales and marketing event series. The educational seminars feature decorated apparel industry veterans Marshall Atkinson and Tom Rauen.

The duo says the series provides shops with modern best practices for sales and marketing in a “workshop-Ted Talk style” hybrid format.

“Shirt Lab will be interactive, fun and even challenging to shop owners,” says Rauen. “Our instructors for the day are the best in the business.”

The first event takes place Oct. 27 in Columbus, Ohio at the Center for Science and Industry followed by a stop in Atlanta during the first quarter of 2019, and Portland, Oregon in the second quarter of 2019. Dates and cities for the second half of 2019 are forthcoming.

“What makes Shirt Lab special is that we are providing the educational content that you are not going to find anywhere else in one session,” states Atkinson. “Our goal is that each attendee leaves the event with their brain melted by the overwhelming amount of new ideas. We want them racing back to their shops and using what they’ve learned to change their sales approach for the better.”

In addition to Atkinson and Rauen, Shirt Lab’s lineup includes a host of other industry professionals offering up advice. The schedule features the following instructors and topics:

Jay Busselle, Branding and Selling with Authenticity Dan Carr, Top-10 Website Sales Conversion Tips Roger Burnett, Lead Generation Ideas Ken Seidl, Sales Closing Techniques Ryan Moor, Video on Social Media to Increase Sales Bill Petrie, How to Out-Amazon Your Competition with Promotional Products Adam Walterscheid, Blue Ocean Strategy, a discussion on creating your own sales channel

The event partners each speaker with one attendee for a short “help session” which ties back into the speaker’s presentation. “We’ll be sending a questionnaire to each attendee, and from that, we’ll be doing some interactive projects with their information that are going to be ground-breaking for events like this,” explains Rauen.

Rauen and Atkinson say that in addition to the new Shirt Lab events, the duo is releasing a podcast entitled “The Shirt Lab Answer Series.” The podcast features sales and marketing questions submitted by listeners with assorted guests.

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