These Promotional Products Will Sell Better Than Funnel Cakes At Your Summer Festival

Last updated: 08-02-2018

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These Promotional Products Will Sell Better Than Funnel Cakes At Your Summer Festival

Summertime is the season for outdoor events and festivals. Whether you are hosting a music festival, food or wine festival, or some kind of themed festival (such as a pirate festival), you can bet there will be food vendors selling the typical festival foods. One of the biggest sellers is often funnel cakes.

That’s because the delicious smell permeates the air making your mouth water until you give in and buy one.

However, during the hot summer months, there is a promotional item that will sell better than funnel cakes. Yes, I dare say they will sell better than funnel cakes if you live in a hot area (such as Florida).  Those items are cooling towels.

Cooing towels can make the difference between a miserably hot festival experience and a comfortable and pleasant experience. With high temperatures, your festival attendees will gladly pay your overpriced rates for a cooling towel if they think they’ll get some relief from the heat.

Selling custom cooling towels not only is a way to make more money from sales but also gives the attendees a memento of the event which they can continue to reuse. This helps to keep your festival top of mind all through the hot months so your festival will be on their mind for the following year.

Many of the best cooling towels come in a rigid plastic storage case to protect the towels so they can continue to be reused over and over again giving you plenty of advertising exposure from an item can easily sell and make a high return on your investment. They provide a benefit to your customers as well as help you raise more money for your event.

TIP: To sell more cooling towels at your festival, have samples available so you can show people how cold the towels really get.

This doesn’t mean you should sell cooling towels in place of your other merchandise, such as festival t-shirts and other festival branded goodies. Cooling towels should be an additional item to offer your hot crowd.

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