Greater Industry Credibility Through Working Together - QCA

Last updated: 08-02-2018

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Greater Industry Credibility Through Working Together - QCA

With 300 corporate service team members and 900 account executives working out of 17 regional sales offices in key corporate markets,HALO Branded Solutionsservices 40,000 clients each year. Supporting a national client base while consistently delivering safe, high-quality, socially compliant and environmentally conscientious merchandise takes focus, dedication and lots of follow-up.

In this week’s Partners In Brand Safety conversation, we talk to Terry McGuire, senior VP of marketing and supplier relations, about how brand safety can be achieved with suppliers and distributors working together and the role brand integrity plays in every transaction.

Brand integrity is our core business and one of the primary values we provide to our clients. This brand integrity comes in the form of brand compliance services we offer our enterprise accounts as well as product/supply chain management to assure the products our clients select to showcase their brand are safe and produced in an ethical fashion.

We believe in the mission of QCA and are willing to financially support QCA by investing in our affiliation. When suppliers and distributors work together to improve the quality of the products we sell and the manner in which they are made, we create greater credibility for promotional products as a preferred advertising vehicle for corporate clients.

They believe it’s free. Creating and implementing the protocols to assure products are safe and compliant comes at a substantial cost. The return on the investment in time and people to do it right make it worthwhile.

What resources are you putting into keeping my brand secure and the products I buy from you safe and effective.

We have learned educating most end buyers on the added value of a secure supply chain is very challenging and a process with a long horizon.While it’s a strong, compelling message, educating end buyers on the added value a comprehensive product integrity protocol provides to them is very difficult.

If you are a promotional products supplier and want to learn how to make your sourcing program more robust, learn more about QCAhere.

For industry distributors who want to add value and differentiation to their promotional products offerings, reach out toQCA Accredited Companies.

For brands who want to work with companies who go above and beyond to protect their reputation and image, work withpromotional consultants who support the QCA missionand request that your vendors useQCA Accredited Companies.

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