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Last updated: 08-09-2018

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Promotional Pet Giveaway on a Budget | Motivators

founder, , had a pocket pet-sized budget. She needed a pet promotional item to surpass other dog promotional items. She knew she had to tap into an extraordinarily diverse, private label-dominated pet accessory trade show market. Here’s how she and Motivators made it happen.

Glasser, looked at a busy trade show agenda, where her startup team’s booth would have to compete against 3,000 product launches, 3,400 booths, and 7,000 seasoned and hardened buyers. She asked herself, how was she going to penetrate the pet accessory market with only a small budget?

Glasser and her pet-loving team were well aware of trends the American Pet Products Association 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey verified:

They decided to focus on the SitStayGo credo:

Change the way in which people live and travel with their pets, progressing pet products and making it easier to integrate furry friends into consumers’ lives.  

She and her team needed a practical, attractive, novel, yet inexpensive pet promotional item giveaway to draw visitors to her booth among the thousands of other booths at the trade show. She and her team knew they would have to pool their innovation to come up with the perfect trade show giveaway to make visitors forget other dog promotional items.

With an inventory of over 25,000 promotional products, Laura, our amazing sales consultant thought outside the box to convert an existing product, a change purse, into a dog treat purse with a carabiner to clip onto a leash.

SitStayGo successfully penetrated the highly competitive pet accessory market, and the pet promotional item giveaway recipients went home with a useful, attractive, and memorable accessory yielding the SitStayGo branding. Pet owners saw it every day thereafter, when walking their dogs, while other dog promotional items stayed at home.

It cleans easily, and, because it’s already attached to a leash, it goes along wherever they and their pets travel. This “dog treat purse” yields a positive user experience pet owners remember and appreciate.

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