When you want to treat your staff or clientele right and really have an impact on their life, give them branded merchandise that can improve their physical or mental health. Here is a roundup of four categories for sharing healthy living logo products:

Exercise Equipment:

There are a slew of healthy promotional products to help boost fitness – everything from Pilates and exercise bands, pedometers and towels, to yoga mats, pulse rate monitors and drink bottles. All these items can be customized with a company name, logo and other brand markers.

Fitness Accessories:

You can now offer fitness equipment and accessories designed to help get your clients and staff to the gym or to exercise at home. Popular items include duffel bags, drawstring bags, backpacks, motivational calendars, jump ropes and fitness journals to track progress.

Good Health Gear:

Numerous promotional products are also available to make living healthier an easy proposition. Whether it is a pocket first-aid kit, hand sanitizer spray, cookbooks, or a travel health kit or it is lip balm, pill cases, stress balls or bandage dispensers, there are many lifestyle products that can underscore your company’s health philosophy or just serve as a helpful reminder to take care.

Safety Tools:

Part of a healthy lifestyle is looking after one’s safety and security in these modern times. Numerous safety-based promotional products exist, including flashlight key chains, health and safety awareness bracelets, first aid kits and safety clothing and gear. There are even healthy promotional products for kids that focus on educational safety tips including coloring and activity books.

There is a wide range of promotional products that are unisex, making the selection and ordering process even easier.  In the end, with health-based branded merchandise your clients and employees will appreciate that you are looking out for their well-being.